As Denta Clinic,

With our expert staff, we keep our range of services wide and our treatment success at high level.

We utilize state of the art technologies and cutting edge equipment for diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases.

We closely follow medical technologies and we manage privileged diagnosis and treatment processes by means of our digital dentistry services. By rapidly adjusting to the innovation brought along with the we aim to improve your comfort and render the success of the dentistry service you receive continuous.

Being aware of the missions our vision assigns to us, we are striving to improve the health of our patients both from Turkey and abroad.

With the pride of sharing a local success with international patients, we aim to always advance to what is better.

As Denta Clinic we consider all our patients as the individuals of our ever-expanding family; we provide ethical healthcare services in terms of routine examinations, and processes of diagnosis and treatment.

In order to raise awareness concerning the importance of mouth and dental health, to improve individual health initially and then social health, and to prevent the negligence of dental health we as Denta Clinic are at your service in Buca Sirinyer – Izmir.

For healthy smiles, snow-white teeth and a confidant attitude…