Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment

For fresh and healthy breaths…

Bad breath medically called “halitosis” lowers the quality of life of people and causes self-confidence problems in cases such as infections in the mouth, the use of tobacco products, consumed foods, dental caries and insufficient oral care.

The person’s self-immunity to bad breath makes it difficult to notice. Therefore, one may encounter reactions that attract her/his attention and decrease her/his self-confidence in the environments he enters. Bad breath can come from both the mouth and nose. Individuals suspected of having bad breath should consult their dentists. Along with the increasing importance of personal care in recent years, the number of people applying to bad breath treatment has increased dramatically.

We, as Denta Clinic, learn about the life and nutritional habits of our patients before switching to bad breath treatments. We conduct comprehensive examinations to determine the causes of bad breath; we also examine the medical history of our patients. Thus, we are able to identify specific bad breath treatment for the cause of bad breath and the health of our patient. 

What Are The Causes of Bad Breath?

The source of bad breath is usually the mouth. Bad breath may arise from periodontal diseases, tartar, salivary abnormalities, decaying teeth, neglected oral care, accumulation of food residues between teeth because of the lack of dental floss and bacterial deposits on the tongue.

It is also known that diseases such as respiratory tract infection, gastric ulcer, reflux, kidney diseases, liver failure and diabetes are among the causes of bad breath.

Regardless of all these factors, people who use tobacco and tobacco products, consume alcohol, and eat foul-smelling foods such as onion and garlic may suffer from bad breath.

Bad Breath and Tongue Cleaning

One of the hidden factors that can cause bad breath is the insufficient hygiene of the tongue. Tongue, by nature, contains bacteria, which can cause bad breath when the bacteria are not cleared. The side and top of the tongue must be properly cleaned in order to ensure effective oral and dental care. Prevention of bad breath and its treatment process is of great importance in cleaning the tongue.

Does Smoking Cause Bad Breath?

Of course, the cigarette changes the flora of the oral bacteria due to the dozens of chemicals it contains. It provides a basis for the occurrence of periodontal diseases and leads to bleeding gums and inflammation, thereby causing bad breath. When these changes caused by smoking are combined with the natural smell of cigarettes, bad breath can become an inevitable problem.

Bad breath should not be underestimated. Those who experience bad breath problems, which may also appear as precursors of some diseases, should consult their dentists. We, as Denta Clinic, serve our patients with our experienced staff in the diagnosis and treatment processes of bad breath; we determine all the elements that trigger bad breath by applying comprehensive examination.