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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)

Pediatric dental procedures are of great importance in order to closely monitor the development of dental health of children and to improve their oral health from the time when milk teeth begin to show up to the emergence of permanent teeth.

Milk teeth may be damaged more easily and decay faster due to the high amount of organic compounds they contain. The premature dysfunction of the milk teeth in childhood may cause problems in the sequence of teeth in the upcoming period. Here the main purpose of pediatric dental treatments is also to instill dental health awareness, to perform routine controls and to reduce the possibilities of children having problems with oral and dental health in the coming years.

We, as Denta Clinic, prepare predictive treatment plans in order to improve the oral and dental health of our children. We follow closely the jaw and teeth development of the children, analyze the conditions of their milk teeth with routine examinations and take preventive measures to protect their chewing and speech functions. We make healthy tomorrows possible by carrying out the treatments of our children that require special interest in our clinic.

Importance of Regular Controls in Pediatric Dentistry

Early diagnosis enables the implementation of early treatment processes. It is of great importance to perform regular controls every 6 months in order to be able to diagnose changes that may put the oral and dental health of the children on the line at early stage. Regular controls may also provide the awareness about the oral and dental health of the children as well as the elimination and prevention of risks.

Pediatric Dental Procedures

Pediatric dental procedures are used to improve the oral and dental health of the children aged 0 – 14 years.

  • Restoration of dental caries with filling and dental crowns,
  • Treatment in cases where milk teeth or permanent teeth lead to infection,
  • Placement of a space maintainer for milk teeth losing in the early period,
  • Anti-caries applications,
  • Restoration of tooth fractures due to dental traumas,
  • Follow-up and prevention of tooth eruption disorders,
  • Orthodontic treatments in the case of structural defects of the jaw or permanent teeth can be cited as examples of treatments within the field of dentistry.

We, as Denta Clinic, aim to contribute to raise healthy and informed generations. We provide the opportunity of early diagnosis and proper treatment for problems that have the potential of risking the oral and dental health of our children in the future. Thus, we prevent functional problems due to tooth loss in children and also are able to improve dental health.