The All-On-Four Technique

The All-On-Four Technique

More functional, healthier and more aesthetic…

The All-On-Four (4 Implants) technique, which can be applied to patients who do not have sufficient bone thickness for dental implant, who have the jawbone melting and who have no teeth or whose teeth are mostly missing, provides the possibility of making fixed prosthesis with a single surgical procedure.

It is possible to get rid of speech disorders, chewing problems and aesthetic concerns due to loss of teeth after the All-On-Four technique which should be planned individually. The All-on 4 procedure, which provides to have functional teeth within 1 day, improves the comfort of many patients with Denta Clinic’s expertise.

What Is The All-On-Four Technique?

The All-On-Four Technique, which is applied as a single surgical procedure on the same day following the clinical and radiological examinations, can be defined as a successful implant technique that requires personalized planning, provides fast results, is cost-effective and reduces the need for dental implants as 4 dental implants for a fixed dental bridge.

How to Perform the All-On-Four Technique?

Patients should undergo comprehensive examinations and screening prior to the All-On-Four Technique. The All-On-Four Technique, which should be planned individually for the purpose of creating aesthetic smiles and avoiding chewing and speech disorders of the patients, consists of surgical and dental prosthesis procedures. A total of 4 dental implants were placed in the anterior and posterior parts of the jaw on the same day. After the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, a temporary prosthesis is attached to the patient. Approximately 2-3 months after the procedure, temporary prostheses are replaced with fixed prostheses.

Patients never lose their teeth without having their permanent teeth thanks to the dental implants that are placed and bridged at special angles in the All-On-Four technique.

To Whom Is The All-On-Four Technique Applied?

  • The All-On-Four technique can be applied to those whose:
  • General health status are suitable for dental implant surgery,
  • Missing teeth are increasing,
  • Bone development is completed.

What Are The Advantages of The All-On-Four Technique?

The All-On-Four technique in which surgery is completed and temporary prostheses are attached on the same day eliminates the need for false teeth and the difficulties of using false teeth. The All-On-Four technique is frequently more preferred because it can be even applied to patients with jawbone melting as well as being more cost-effective than single tooth dental implant.

The All-On-Four technique is a highly successful form of treatment and has been shown to help prevent bone loss as a result of scientific research. After the procedure, the person’s chewing and speech functions can be improved and also aesthetic concerns can be eliminated.

We, as Denta Clinic, offer tailored approaches to all of our patients and their health problems. We support our quality service approach with our personalized treatments. We first check the health status of our patients and perform their bone scans with our experts who are experienced in the All-On-Four technique; after applying our treatment, we increase the comfort of our patients in the process of getting permanent prostheses by attaching temporary prostheses.