Digital Anesthesia

Digital Anesthesia

The fear of needles is a thing of the past…

To avoid seeing dentists and neglect oral health are now a thing of the past. The traditional needles used for anesthesia are now being replaced by digital solutions. Thanks to this technology called digital needle or digital anesthesia, patients feel no pain or ache at all.

Digital anesthesia works on the principle of injecting anesthetic agents according to the tissue pressure and relieves the feeling of pressure experienced by the patients. Although the anesthetic agent is the same, the anesthesia process can be properly completed without any pressure during the injection. Digital anesthesia, which has thinner millimetric tips than conventional needle tips, improves the comfort of both patients and dentists.

We, as Denta Clinic, prioritize the comfort of our patients before, during and after treatment. We get help from the latest technologies and introduce the comfort of digital anesthesia to our patients. We are able to bring our patients who have disrupted their treatment due to fear of needles and who risk dental health to healthier days.

What Are The Advantages of Digital Anesthesia?

Tissue pressure is taken into account when injecting anesthetic agents into soft tissue during digital anesthesia. Thus, tissue sensitivity is considered and injection pain is alleviated.

Digital anesthesia is very comfortable. It not only improves the comfort of the anesthesia process, but also makes it easy to complete the overall treatment.

One of the most remarkable advantages of digital anesthesia is to offer personalized treatment options. In other words, anesthesia is administered according to the soft tissue pressure of each patient, which allows to carry out the patient-centered processes.

Digital anesthesia improves the patient’s attitude towards the treatment of periodontal diseases as it is painless and acheless compared to conventional anesthesia methods. The availability of digital anesthesia technology can only control progressive diseases due to the fear of needle.

Denta Clinic is at your disposal with its expert staff in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases! If you experience the fear of needle and neglect your oral health, you may experience the comfort of painless and acheless anesthesia in our clinic. You can have your treatment completed successfully by getting rid of the pain and ache thanks to our digital anesthesia procedures that we have performed by offering solutions appropriate to your pain threshold and tissue sensitivity.