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Snoring Prosthesis

Quiet, deep and peaceful sleep possible!

Snoring can be defined as the noisy sound caused by tissues vibrating while breathing during sleep due to partial or complete blockage of the airway by moving tissues such as uvula, tongue base and soft palate. Snoring is not a disease or health issue in itself, but rather a result or symptom.

There are many different factors that may cause snoring; if snoring is untreated and progresses, it may turn into a sleep apnea problem characterized by respiratory arrest and sudden loud snoring during sleep. Sleep apnea is classified as a chronic and life-threatening disease requiring immediate treatment.

Many different approaches can be applied simultaneously within the scope of snoring treatment. Treatment options are determined depending on the cause of snoring and presented to the patients. Thus, they have the chance to get rid of snoring and the complaint caused by it.

Snoring Prostheses in Snoring Treatment

Snoring prostheses that keep the mandible facing forward and down and allow the airway to expand during breathing passage can be defined as plaque prostheses attached to the mandible and maxilla. Snoring prostheses, which are one of the simplest snoring treatments, is a treatment method that reduces the effect of intraoral anatomy anomalies.

When the patients apply to Denta Clinic because of snoring problem, their reasons for snoring and how much they have snored are evaluated. Then, measurements and analyses are performed to prepare snoring prosthesis. While preparing snoring prostheses, they are designed specially for the patient according to clinical and radiological analysis results. 

Benefits of Snoring Prosthesis Treatment

One of the most important advantages of snoring prosthesis treatment is to be able to treat snoring problem quickly and eliminate the need for surgical operation.

Snoring prostheses are a treatment option that provides fast results as well as increasing the comfort of patients economically.

Snoring prostheses are produced specially for the patient according to the results of the measurements. Therefore, they are easy to use and do not decrease the sleeping comfort of patients.

If snoring prostheses are regularly used, patients will feel the change within 3 weeks approximately. Snoring problem is an indicator of a breathing problem and reduces sleep quality so that the side effects of snoring are avoided with snoring prostheses.

We, as Denta Clinic, try to eliminate the negative effects of snoring in both the health and psychology. We first identify the causes of snoring and then produce snoring prostheses specifically for our patients in order to reduce the problems they may experience in their private lives and help to improve their sleep quality.