Smile Design

Smile Design

Eye-catching look with personalized smile design…

Different factors, such as oral and dental health, which are damaged over time, the stains left on the teeth by consumed beverages, periodontal diseases and dental crowding in tooth alignment, can cast a shadow on the smile. Smile disorders, which may adversely affect the social lives of individuals, may lead to lack of self-confidence thereby making people unhappiness. In such a case, personalized smile designs can be performed with aesthetic dentistry expertise in the light of technological and scientific studies.

What Is A Personalized Smile Design?

Aesthetic dentistry procedures that are performed to make the person’s smile perfect by considering her/his face shape, the proportions of the organs on her/his face, her/his lip structure, tooth length, gingival structure, skin color and expectations are called “smile design”. When designing the smile, the physical characteristics of the patients are taken into consideration in order to have a natural smile as they expect.

We, as Denta Clinic, make special smile designs for our patients who cannot feel comfortable with their smile and try to hide their happiness because they are uneasy while smiling. Within the scope of smile design, if necessary, we aim to apply more than one procedure in line with the needs of our patients and to obtain excellent results.


What Are The Procedures of Smile Design?

The aesthetic requirements of the patients determine the procedures to be combined during smile design. Aesthetic problems that cause patients to hide their smile or not to feel comfortable with their smile in the society are addressed during smile design. The procedures that can be applied during smile design can be exemplified as treatment of decayed teeth and periodontal diseases, aesthetic gingival interventions, tooth bleaching, dental implants, prosthesis, veneers and orthodontic treatments.


How to Perform Smile Design?

Although smile design is performed for aesthetic purposes, it may also be functional in line with the needs of the patient. Before the smile design procedures can be identified and treated, patients’ expectations must be clearly understood. In line with the requests of the patients, problems that damage the aesthetics of the smile are identified and procedures are applied to eliminate those problems. The smile design procedures, which vary from person to person, resulting in 2 to 15 days, enable patients to make a happier and more confident start.

We, as Denta Clinic, meet all expectations in the field of aesthetic dentistry with our personalized smile design services. We consider the expectations of our patients and perform all necessary procedures to improve their oral and dental health. You can contact us if you want to have more confident and perfect smiles