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Digital Surgical Guide

Convenience in surgery, superior success in treatment…

The digital surgical guide, which increases the success of dental implant surgery by enabling dental implants to be placed into the jawbone at the right angle and in the right position during dental implant surgery, eliminates the need for gingival removal and reduces the amount of bleeding.

3-dimensional tomography is taken to obtain detailed jawbone images of the patients before the digital surgical guide that provides to reduce surgical traumas. The analysis of the missing teeth is performed and the size, angle and position of the dental implant to be placed to complete the missing tooth are carefully adjusted.

The design of dental implant is virtually prepared and the plastic templates are specially produced for the patient. The patient-specific plastic templates are applied to the patient’s mouth during surgery and the dental implants are precisely placed into the jawbone. 

What are the Advantages of Digital Surgical Guide?

The digital surgical guide, which was originally developed for neurosurgery, is now used in the field of dentistry. Based on the principle of analyzing the detailed images of the oral and maxillofacial structures of the patients and creating their specific templates by the dentists, the digital surgical guide makes the dental implant surgery easier, more comfortable and successful than ever. The main advantages of the digital surgical guide can be listed as follows:

  • The major advantage of using the digital surgical guide is the precise and accurate determination of the positions of the dental implants to be placed into the jawbones of the patients
  • As the anatomical structures are visualized, the digital surgical guide makes the preservation of the structures easier during the surgical procedure. Before the surgical procedure, the comprehensive planning of the treatment enables to minimize the surgical risks.
  • Computer-assisted dental implant surgery is also critical when three or more implants are placed into the patients. Especially when there is a concern about the structure and volume of the bones, the advantages of the digital surgical guide are clearly felt.
  • Another advantage of the digital surgical guide is to reduce the risk of swelling or bruising on the face of the patients in connection with prior planning of the surgical procedure. The healing process is shortened and the pain problem is decreased after the dental implant surgery performed with this technology that increases the comfort of the patient and the physician.

The digital surgical guide system is applied in Denta Clinic’s dental implant surgeries. Therefore, the patient-specific dental implant can be designed in the pre-surgical process; the dental implants can be placed in the right position at the right angles during the surgical process. Thanks to the digital surgical guide system that reduces tissue trauma and increase the success of treatment, the number of happy patients at Denta Clinic is increasing.