Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry

Although doing sports provides numerous benefits for human health, athletes may occasionally get hit in different parts of their body during activities. Since the mouth and jaw are the most affected parts of the body while doing sports, sports dentistry activities gain importance.

The impacts of the mandible, maxilla and teeth can cause fractures in the facial bones and jawbones, loss of teeth and damage to oral health. Therefore, amateur and professional athletes who are engaged in sports should apply to sports dentistry services.

Sports dentists are active both in the protection of oral and dental health against traumas that may occur during sports and in the professional treatment of problems to occur. In addition to preventive treatments, post-traumatic mandible and tooth fractures are among the activities of sports dentistry.

Sports Dentistry Preventive Procedures

Protective mouth guards are used to protect the mouths and surrounding tissues of athletes against possible traumas in sports dentistry. Protective mouth guards have the feature to prevent serious injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, jawbones or tongue of athletes. Protective mouth guards, i.e. protective athletic mouth guards, can be purchased from places where sports equipment is sold, or can be prepared individually.

Denta Clinic makes the production of personalized teeth protector in order to protect the oral and dental health of athletes and to maintain their sports life with minimum trauma. Our sports dentists take the size of the mandible of our athletes and model it. They prepare an Essix retainer and protective mouth guards appropriately for athletes. Denta Clinic also adopts the principle of patient-centered care in our sports dentistry services.

Sports dentistry services also require control processes. The rapid functioning of the digestive systems of the individuals doing sports and the increase of gastric acid secretion threaten oral and dental health in the long term. Therefore, amateur or professional athletes should regularly visit the dentist. Thus, oral health can be maintained with the prevention of tooth wear caused by acids over the back surface of the teeth over time.

Importance of Sports Dentistry

Sports dentistry has emerged with the development of modern dentistry. Today, it has become important to provide athletes to have healthy teeth, improve their oral health and achieve an aesthetic smile at the same time. Preventive dentistry services make a difference in order to prevent loss of teeth, tooth fractures, tooth dislocation and bone trauma.

You can contact us to get service from Denta Clinic Sports Dentistry department, which serves all age groups including athletes in childhood period, and take advantage from privileged treatment processes offered by our expert staff.