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Dental Bridge Procedure

To enjoy chewing and smiling…

Due to different reasons such as neglected oral care and regular controls, advancing age, malnutrition, genetic factors, pregnancy and traumas, missing teeth reduce the comfort of people. Moreover, the increase in the number of missing teeth may cause changes in the facial structure, chewing functions may be damaged and even speech disorders may occur. One of the most common procedures for completing missing teeth is the so-called dental bridge or bridgework.

What Is Dental Bridge Procedure?

Dental Bridge or dental bridgework, which has been preferred as a treatment for missing teeth for a long time, is a treatment that can be completed in a short time, applied in case of one or more tooth loss and which the person benefits from aesthetic as well as functional aspect.

Dental bridge procedure, which allows to remove the gaps in the mouth after the tooth or teeth have been extracted, may eliminate chewing problems, prevent digestive problems caused by unchewed but ingested food, achieve a younger appearance and provide confident smiles.

How to Perform Dental Bridge?

Patient must have ideal conditions to be able to make a dental bridge. In other words, if there is at least 1 tooth to support the dental bridge on both sides of the gap in the teeth, the tooth is centered by cutting these teeth. This process is called a dental bridge. The main purpose of the dental bridge procedure is to preserve the tooth tissue as much as possible as with all tooth-specific procedures. Different types of dental bridges can be used to protect the teeth. Dental bridge procedures can be classified based on the way to attach the new tooth to the supporting adjacent tooth as follows; traditional dental bridge, Cantilever bridges and Maryland bridges.

We, as Denta Clinic, perform dental bridge procedure by intervening to the healthy teeth of our patient to the minimum extent. We mobilize our expertise to help our patients chew more healthily, smile more confidently and feel better with the dental bridge treatment we have specially planned for them. Therefore, we first learn the expectations of our patients, prepare the teeth to perform dental bridge, take their measurements, attach temporary dental bridgework, and bond permanent dental bridgework after testing.

What Are The Advantages of Dental Bridge Procedure?

Dental bridge procedure lasts for a long time if attention is paid to oral care. The treatment is completed in a short time. When it is performed by experts, natural and aesthetic results can be achieved with the dental bridge procedure. After the dental bridge treatment which finalizes the aesthetic concerns caused by missing teeth, restores chewing functions, eliminates facial changes and prevents speech disorders, patients should pay attention to their oral and dental care. Materials to be used in dental bridge procedure are determined according to the expectations of experts and patients.

If you are having problems with your missing tooth or teeth, you can refer to the advanced treatments we offer as Denta Clinic. You can contact us for more detailed information about dental bridge treatment options in Denta Clinic.