Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implant Treatment

Do not lose your smile…

Due to different reasons such as advanced age, physical traumas, neglect of dental health and care, missing teeth can be completed with dental implant treatment.

Dental implant treatment, which is performed to complete the missing tooth without any interruption to the adjacent teeth, offers a huge comfort to the patients with its functional and aesthetic advantages.

What Is Dental Implant?

Dental implant technique that provides benefits such as restoring the functions of the missing teeth, fulfilling the self-confidence of individuals and eliminating the speech disorders due to the missing teeth can be defined as the placement of artificial dental roots into the jawbone with the latest technology.

Dental implants that are equally as good as natural teeth provide the person with a healthier and more confident life. The durability, stability and natural appearance of the dental implants increase the comfort of patients more than ever.

How to Perform Dental Implant Treatment?

Denta Clinic uses the implants made of titanium, a material that is the healthiest, the most compliant with natural tissues and the most durable. Since the success of dental implant treatment depends on the planning process specific to the individual, our clinic carefully analyzes the age, bone structure, axis length of the patients as well as the number and location of their missing teeth.

Dental implant treatment is only performed by numbing the area to be treated with local anesthesia. Slots are opened into the jaw line at appropriate diameter, length and position. Advanced technology is used to bind the dental root made of titanium to the opened slots. After the dental implant is fixed, the dental implant gum incision is closed and the surgical procedure is terminated.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Difficult?

No, dental implant surgery is exclusively planned for our patients by our specialists at our Denta Clinic center. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone using the most advanced technologies and modern devices. During the procedure, the area to which the dental implant will be applied is numbed and the procedure is completed without feeling any pain. After dental implant surgery, patients may experience mild edema for 1-2 days, but these complications cease after cold tamponade.

When Are Dental Implant Treatment Performed?

Dental implant treatment can be applied to those whose;

  • General state of health is suitable for dental implant treatment,
  • Bone development is completed,
  • Jawbone supports dental implants,
  • Teeth are lost,
  • Chewing and speech functions are damaged due to loss of teeth;
  • and who experience aesthetic concerns due to their loss of teeth,
  • Want to protect their jawbone health after their loss of teeth.

What Are The Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant treatment allows to complete the missing tooth or teeth of the person in the most natural way. Thus, a person does not have to hide her/his smile, because s/he has a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Dental implant treatment improves chewing comfort as well as increasing self-confidence, being comfortable to use and eliminating speech disorders.

Oral health is protected, because the adjacent teeth are not intervened during dental implant treatment. As tooth transitions are preserved through dental implants, they make the protection of oral health easier.

We, as Denta Clinic, combine the most advanced technologies with the experience of our experts. We provide service to our patients who want a more natural, more aesthetic and more comfortable life with the most modern devices.