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Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile Treatment

Gums do not hide your smile!

Along with the increasing awareness of smile aesthetics in recent years, Gummy Smile treatment has become popular. Now, people who have a smile that shows an excessive amount of the gums under the upper lip can get a more flawless smile with Gummy Smile treatment. Gummy Smile treatment is performed by periodontologists. During Gummy Smile treatment, the gums are shaped so that the problem of short, small and shapeless teeth can be eliminated. A significant increase in self-confidence may be achieved after Gummy Smile treatment, which can be applied to people whose gums appear more than normal and they should be while smiling.

What is Gummy Smile?

Gums may appear more than adequate during smiling due to reasons such as systemic diseases, the vertical growth of the maxilla, the fine structure of the upper lip, small teeth, over-functioning of smiling muscles, genetic factors and prolonged drug use. Then, a non-aesthetic appearance may occur when the person smiles. A treatment which is applied to eliminate this problem known as Gummy Smile is called Gummy Smile treatment.

How to Treat Gummy Smile?

The patient-specific planning is required as usual during Gummy Smile treatment. Gingival health should be examined and if there is any problem in the gums, these problems should be first treated. Dental tartar must also be removed. Then, the gums are surgically shaped. In this process, gingivectomy (surgical removal of the gingiva) and gingivoplasty (reshaping of the gingiva) procedures can be simultaneously performed.

We, as Denta Clinic, are aware of the impact of smiles on the identity and self-confidence of our patients. Therefore, we make special smile designs for our patients with our specialist physicians.  We examine our patients, who want to have aesthetic gingival procedure and get a flawless smile, in detail, and determine whether they have any gum problem and then produce solutions that will make their smiles good.

What Happens If Gummy Smile Treatment is Neglected?

If gummy smile problem is untreated, the person will not only be adversely affected in terms of aesthetics, but also her/his oral health may gradually get worse with each passing day and their general appearance may change. Gummy smile which occurs due to deterioration of gingival health should be neglected and treatment options should be evaluated immediately.

Gummy Smile treatment requires expertise, because the treatment of gummy smile may depend on the causes of smile abnormalities. It may be necessary for orthodontists to be involved in the Gummy Smile treatment, which should be planned individually. We, as Denta Clinic, maintain to serve for your health and smiles with our staff of dentists with different expertise. You can contact us to get more information about our Gummy Smile treatment options.